The new books to read in September 2019 – Autumn Reading

The autumn publishing season

For the new literary season, hundreds of new books are arriving at our booksellers to the delight of all. First novels, English or foreign literature, thrillers, essays or short stories, there is plenty of choice. And the most you have, the more difficult it is to choose. In this multitude of new books, we have selected new titles we have enjoyed among the books released from mid-August until mid-September. We will propose you other selections in the coming weeks.

The Warehouse, by Rob Hart – The Book of the Month : September 2019

The Warehouse

by Rob Hart
Publisher Crown
20 August 2019
Language : English


A dystopian novel, all the more frightening
because it has already started to happen...


Cloud, a powerful American company, sells everything, covering all product categories. With a gigantic warehouse where all kinds of goods are stored, the company is booming. In an America devastated by environmental disasters, consumers order and buy online, without leaving their homes.