The new books to read in September 2019 – Autumn Reading

The autumn publishing season

For the new literary season, hundreds of new books are arriving at our booksellers to the delight of all. First novels, English or foreign literature, thrillers, essays or short stories, there is plenty of choice. And the most you have, the more difficult it is to choose. In this multitude of new books, we have selected new titles we have enjoyed among the books released from mid-August until mid-September. We will propose you other selections in the coming weeks.

The Warehouse, by Rob Hart – The Book of the Month : September 2019

The Warehouse

by Rob Hart
Publisher Crown
20 August 2019
Language : English


A dystopian novel, all the more frightening
because it has already started to happen...


Cloud, a powerful American company, sells everything, covering all product categories. With a gigantic warehouse where all kinds of goods are stored, the company is booming. In an America devastated by environmental disasters, consumers order and buy online, without leaving their homes.

Lune Bleue Bijoux, the new website

Lune Bleue Bijoux is a brand of handmade jewels taking inspiration from different cultures around the world. They are made from stainless steel, silver, or gold-plated. Right from the launch of her very first collection, her style seemed very promising. And that’s why in May 2018, we had introduced you to her brand in one of our articles which contained an interview with the creator of the brand, Alix. If you missed the article you can go read it here.

A new website

Mid-July 2019, Lune Bleue Bijoux launched her new website. We had all been waiting for it impatiently and there it is:

Christmas gift ideas for the whole family – December 2018

With the holiday season fast approaching, it's high time you find gift ideas for Christmas.
It's much better to plan ahead so that you don't end up in a crowded store on Christmas eve, and you can take the time to relax and make it much more enjoyable.

It's not easy to find the best gift  to please your loved ones.
So, if you are looking for gift ideas, here are some to delight your family:

December resolutions – 2018


Finish your Christmas shopping and prepare unique gift packages, make your own Christmas wreath, go on with the planting of trees, shrubs or fruit trees if you have a garden, ask for books for Christmas, cook forgotten vegetables such as Gold Ball turnips.

Agatha Raisin-Gare aux fantômes-livres d'automne
Couronne de Noël-Sapin-noeud

Make your own creative Christmas wreath.

Paquets cadeaux personnalisés-Noël

Prepare unique gift packages.

Navets boules d'or-Lizzie-Bennet

Cook forgotten vegetables as yellow Gold Ball turnips.

Le Signal-Maxime Chattam-Idées cadeaux-Lizzie

Finish your Christmas shopping

You still have time, but it’s better to finish your shopping as soon as possible to avoid the Christmas rush. And the purchases will be more enjoyable. Furthermore, you will more easily find the items you have identified, and you will benefit from a large choice in the stores

New Books to read in September 2018



Among the new books that have just been published, here is my selection of some of the more interesting ones that you can read in September 2018:

The Last Palace
Europe’s Extraordinary Century Through Five Lives
and one House in Prague

by Norman Eisen
6 September 2018



Prague, 1924.
After World War I, Otto Petschek, a Jewish banker, built a magnificent palace in Prague. When the Germans come to power, the Petscheks had to abandon their home and to flee Prague. The palace will change hands many times. First, the House is occupied by the Nazis, and after the war, the palace became the U.S embassy.

The Wisdom of Wolves, by Elli H. Radinger, a fascinating book!



The new book by Elli H. Radinger coming soon in English!

Elli Radinger has been observing wild wolves for over 25 years. This wolf expert shares with us her discoveries on the intelligence of these animals, and their ability to devote themselves to others, even if it means sacrificing their own life. She proves wrong everything we have heard about wolves since our childhood and reveals unknown facts on their life and behaviour. The myth of the big bad wolf, agressive and solitary, is completely untrue. If you love nature, animals and adventures, this book is for you! 

A playlist for a great night!



This playlist takes us back to the end of the 70’s up to the beginning of the 90’s. Nothing but the best to have some brilliant nights!

Each song has its own story, here are some of them:

When Kate Bush wrote Wuthering Heights, she was inspired by Emily Brontë’s only novel, a masterpiece, which makes her singing out of this world. She is singing from the point of view of the heroin, Catherine Earnshaw, calling Heathcliff, the man she loved and pushed away. Listening to it, one can easily imagine Catherine wandering around the wuthering moor of Yorkshire, tormented and suffering from the tumult of her feelings.