Lune Bleue Bijoux – Meet a young jewellery designer


Do you like to give gifts? Personally, my answer is yes! But who doesn’t like, you may say… It’s always a pleasure to choose and to offer a present to someone. Jewellery always gives pleasure: colored, funny or sober, they add a note of fantasy.

As we are rapidly approaching Mother’s Day, it’s time for us to find great gift ideas. It is the reason why I am pleased to introduce Alix, creator of high quality ethnic and oriental jewellery: Lune Bleue Bijoux...

Lune Bleue Bijoux

Entering Alix’s world creates very quickly an addiction: you begin to look at some pieces, and you want it all! You choose a long necklace, and you discover earrings: the perfect match! Then another necklace attracts your glance irresistibly, not to mention bracelets…

Alix creations are unique, original and refined, with an enchanting side, inspired by nature.
Ethnic, oriental or in a a pure style, there is something for everyone. At times, pearls and feathers are beautifully combined with silver or gold metal in curved shapes, and adorned with charms in an oriental style. And sometimes, flowers, leaves, stars or moon patterns are combined in a sober style.

There are also bookmarks, very helpful when you like reading!


I have ordered several times at Lune Bleue Bijoux, and I have always been delighted when the parcel arrived: the jewels are beautiful, they look even better in real life than in photos, the presentation is meticulous, and the parcels arrive quickly. As the prices are reasonable, you can treat yourself or others without ruining yourself! Furthermore, Alix sells her jewels and creations all over the world.


The interview

Alix agreed to answer a few questions in order to present  Lune Bleue Bijoux:

– Hello Alix and welcome! First of all, what led you to the jewellery creation?

I always liked creating with my hands and after hesitating with sewing, because I also like that very much, I decided to go into the jewellery creation! Why? I don’t know! 😃 I really love ethnic and oriental jewellery, heavy jewels which, in my opinion, have a lot of charm. I wore many of them in the past! I think that this is what drove me to start my own business 😊

– You are always creating new things. In the process of creation, what are your sources of inspiration?

My main source of inspiration comes from Egypt: I am very attracted by the jewels worn by women in ancient Egypt, especially women who have ruled ancient Egypt as Pharaohs. I have invented an imaginary world in my head about that, which certainly matches the image of women that I have created. I imagine myself as a princess, with my big necklaces and long earrings over my shoulders! 😃❤ Everything flows from that: what does beauty mean for me? What does it mean to enhance one’s femininity? The answer is in my jewellery! The rest, I just make up, I invent characters, temperaments  that correspond to my image of the women, as I said it previously, in the story or in my dreams 😊

– What materials do you use?

I use the stainless steel, the golden stainless steel, the metal, the silvery metal, the golden metal, the brass, the rhodium-plated and the gilt brass. Legislation on precious materials and gems is very rigorous. It is necessary to declare all that we buy and sell, it’s also necessary to maintain a police register and to impress the official hallmarks on each piece of jewellery. It is complicated at an administrative level, then I prefer to wait a little before getting into all of this 😃

– You have a ‘ready-to-wear’ collection, but is it possible to make a personalised order by choosing shapes and colours for example?

Yes, I can make creations on special request! It means that someone can contact me saying “I would like a specific necklace, with a very fine chain, and this kind of stone. Can you realise this jewel for me?” I look then at my supplier’s which type of chain or stone could please my customer, I send him photos, and we choose together 👌


The online shop

You can discover the Lune Bleue Bijoux shop here, as well as the Facebook page, which is very active.
Alix will quickly answer your questions (in French and in English).

Whether it’s for the Mother’s Day, a birthday, Christmas, or any party, I’m sure you have many opportunities to offer a jewel. Then go ahead, and make people happy!


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