Thoughts About a Letter 4: The Music of The Words


The letter

First and foremost, I should write this letter laid dormant for too long, but who writes letters nowadays? By continually hesitating, one ends up getting lost. Everything leads me to write, giving up the fear. A letter is mysterious, it carries the words away and makes them travel, crossing the oceans. It withholds its secret as it journeys, and arrives one morning, full of emotion, concerns, questions, joys as well and everyday little things. Fragile and strong, it gives a lot in spite of its lightness…

The Secret of Spring…

secret du printemps lapin trèfle
A story

At night, the cold fled, in need for a change of scene. Immediately, the light breeze which slept under the branches woke up, floating in the mist. It left the place silently, sliding into the darkness as fast as he could. Shaking itself, full of energy after its long sleep, it twirled joyfully and rushed forward.Then, without wasting any time, it began its journey, speeding through mounts and forests, enlacing the trees and the shrubs, ruffling the hard and cold ground.

In the Heart of Autumn – The Snow – Week of December 5th, 2016


A picture

December is there, the snow begins to fall here and there, snowflakes dancing in the wind. The sight is always enchanting. Little by little, the ground is covered with a white carpet which sparkles in the light. Flakes touch down delicately on branches, leaves and fir trees, enlightening the nature with an immaculate radiance.