New Publishing Season: My Selection – September 2017


For the new publishing season, more than 500 novels and collections of short stories are published between the middle of August and the end of October 2017!

To help you choose in this vast amount of books, I have selected a few titles:

Ils vont tuer Robert Kennedy

by Marc Dugain
Gallimard, 17/08/2017

Mark O Dugain, professor of history in Vancouver, prepares a thesis on Kennedy’s story. He is also convinced that the death of both parents in 1967 and 1968, is connected to Robert’s Kennedy murder.
The novel alternates two stories, the search of the truth about his family and the survey on Kennedy’s tragedy, plunging us into the history of the United States in the sixties.

The History of Bees

by Maja Lunde
Scribner UK, 7 Sept. 2017

England, 1851 ; Ohio, 2007 ; China, 2098.
The fate of bees is related through three different stories, the story of three families, their relation with the bees, and the relations between parents and children. It’s a journey through time, that makes us think about  the importance of bees, their links with the human beings, and the preservation of the flora and fauna.

Les rêveuses

by Frédéric Verger
Gallimard, 24/08/2017

France, 1940.
The German army invades France. A young German of 17, Peter, engaged in the French army, assumes the identity of a dead soldier, to not be executed by the victorious German troops. Taken prisoner, he is released and returned to his so-called family. How are they going to react in front of this stranger? A new life begins for Peter…


by Véronique Olmi
Albin Michel, 23/08/2017

Darfur, in the middle of the 19th century.
It is a true story.
A 7-year-old child is abducted and sold as slave in the Sudan. Then her life suddenly changes and falls into suffering and violence. Afterward, she is bought by the Italian consul  to be domestic. It makes a radical improvement in her living conditions. Little by little, she discovers Christianity and converts to Catholicism, with the hope to become a religious. But her master refuses to free her. Therefore follows a trial, leading to her release. She joins into the orders, and will spend the rest of her life in a Venetian convent, looking after the poor and needy.

La société des faux visages

by Xavier Mauméjean
Alma Editeur, 07/09/2017

New York, 1909.
While Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung get together in New York to give conferences, the famous illusionist Harry Houdini triumphs on stage, defying death, escaping from local jails or closed spaces. This is when the billionaire Vandergraaf asks to Harry Houdini and Sigmund Freud to investigate the disappearance of his son. The only clue is a sealed container on the docks. Both men, who do not know each other, are going to try to solve the riddle…

The Last Days of Night

by Graham Moore
September 2016

New York, 1888.
Cities are still lighted by gas streetlights. Thomas Edison, who applied for the patent of the incandescent light bulb a few years before, came into conflict with George Westinghouse, engineer and entrepreneur. Both men fight to take control of the distribution of the electricity, and so, to make a fortune. The result is a judicial duel, a patent war, and a cascade of new developments. Nikola Tesla, brilliant inventor and friend of Westinghouse, as well as Paul Cravath, a young lawyer, will join the fight. But appearances can be deceptive….
The book is based on real historical facts.

You can read my review here.


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