Ideas for Outings and Walks, Summer 2017


Learn the language and the secrets of trees, with the forester Peter Wohlleben, the author of the best-seller The Hidden Life of Trees. He organises a two-hour hike (in English) in his forest of Hummel, near Bonn, in Germany, on August 7th, 2017.
If you are interested, you can book here!

idées-balade-bataille-castillonSee the Battle of Castillon and plunge into the Middle Ages: a magnificent 90-minute show, with 400 actors and 50 riders, recreating the battle which put an end to the One Hundred Years’ War. Before the show, Alienor’s village proposes a lot of activities and attractions. In Belvès-Castillon, in Gironde, see here!

idée-balade-faucon-rapaceSpend a day in the castle of Chambord and attend the Horse and Bird of Prey show, every day from 4th July to 27th August, 2017, and until 1st October (except Monday). Just wonderful!

idée-balade-fountains-abbeyIf you travel to England, visit Fountains Abbey, named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and Studley Royal Water Garden, in the North Yorkshire, near Ripon. The dramatic Cistercian abbey in ruin is stunning, and the magnificent park a refreshing escape. Try to imagine the life here, a few centuries ago…

idée-balade-chouette-rapaceIn England, spend a day at the Hawk Conservancy Trust, a conservation charity of birds of prey, in Hampshire, in South East England, (less than two hours away from London). You can participate in a lot of activities, learn to know better birds of prey, and see spectacular flying displays throughout the day. Unique!

idée-balade-cabane-arbresEscape to nature for a weekend or just one night, sleeping in a tree,  in a tree house in Gironde, to realise your childhood dreams … Or in Vosges, or in Charente.
There are tree houses in England too! In Norfolk, in Devon…


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