Spring Tables: A Little Change – March 2018

Envie de bleu-printemps-oeuf-mousse

Tables and nature

Spring is there, bringing us back beautiful colours in nature, in the woods and gardens.

With Easter approaching, the days getting longer, and the sun trying some openings between showers, it's time to bring the colors of spring to our tables, decorating them with flowers, branches or fruits, and why not, by changing our plates. It's not necessary to purchase a dinner service, but just a few plates, which we can mix with the plates which we already have, to have something new!

Envie de bleu-printemps-table

This March, I chose some blue, like the color of the forget-me-not, the hyacinth or violet, and decorations of branches of Viburnum tinus and blooming rosemary.

Envie de bleu-printemps-table

I chose plates from the Gien Faïencerie, the famous factory established in 1821 in the Loire Valley, by an Englishman, Thomas Hall. All their products are entirely made in Gien, since the choice of clay, sand and kaolin to make the clay paste, to the finished products. You can find numerous patterns and shapes, and a wide range of beautiful colours, in a classic or contemporary style.

At this time of year, rosemaries are covered with a cascade of blue flowers. Their branches are perfect to make our tables more beautiful, highlight the crockery and perfume the dishes.

Envie de bleu-printemps-branches


Envie de bleu-printemps-romarin

Envie de bleu-printemps-fleurs
Envie de bleu-printemps-oeufs

Wonder in blue

To arrange a wonder in blue, purple hyacinths will be perfect, associated with forget-me-not. And to complement the colour palette, yellow daffodils and white ranunculus will illuminate the composition of this country scene.

Yellow brings the sunshine in. Tonic and joyful, it goes well with a soothing and relaxing blue. As for luminous  white, it goes with everything.
Each person will choose the colour she/he prefers. Nature is truly an inspiration and provides us with the most beautiful decorations: branches, foliages, flowers or fruits, simply put on a table, will always do wonders and the most magnificent ornament!

Now, it's up to you! Set your creativity free!


Envie de bleu-printemps-forêt

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