The Cusp of Spring

Aube du printemps-écureuil

The dawn of spring begins to appear. It's time to look out for the first signs of spring, although winter is well settled, unwilling to go away, and still making us shiver as cold snaps brings snow even in the Southwest of France.

Already, the sun rises earlier, and sets later, bringing a stream of additional light, a brighter and warm light. Birds begin to prepare their nests, looking for twigs, herbs and foam, and even cat hairs! In the garden, I have discovered that the hedgehogs have woken from hibernation! In short, the garden wakes up...

The first flowers that defy the cold are, among others, snowdrops, crocus, daffodils and violets. I have found the first daffodil and the first violets in the garden, and I have photographed them. Among the first shrubs to bloom in February, you will find mimosa (in temperate regions), Japanese quince, witch hazel, viburnum and forsythia.

Early flowering and new colors in nature contrast with the cold and the snow that have come down for a few days in France. Spring appears, but winter shows that he is still the master of the place for a few weeks...

 It is necessary to be well equipped in order to be able to observe changes in nature and face the cold bite of the wind. I like putting on a very warm and comfortable wool beanie, gloves or mittens, and, on a cold day, to put on winter boots. I have selected for you the ones that I appreciate  particularly and that I wear:

  • These beanies are simply perfect. The first three ones are from Giesswein, an Austrian brand founded in 1954. They are in pure wool therefore very warm, and lined. Knitted pom-poms are beautiful and dense. Those are very nice and durable beanies.
  • The fourth beanie, with blue Jacquard motif, is a hat from Fjällräven, a Swedish mark specialized in clothes and equipment for outdoor life. Their beanies are also in pure wool, or recycled wool and polyamide. They are warm and durable. The  Jacquard patterns are inspired by Scandinavian folklore.
  • Gloves and mittens are from Aigle, the famous French brand of rubber boots, which also makes clothes, down coats and parkas, street shoes and hiking shoes, accessories such as beanies, gloves, scarves.
  • Winter boots are also from Aigle. Models change regularly.

Enjoy the walk!





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